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Cuomo calls Nixon campaign attacks part of 'political silly season'

Mar 29, 2018
Originally published on April 27, 2018 4:41 pm

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in his first public comments since challenger Cynthia Nixon announced her candidacy, dismissed two days of attacks as the “political silly season.”

Nixon has laid out a case against Cuomo, claiming his administration is corrupt and he is beholden to corporate campaign donors and condones Republican control of the state Senate.

Cuomo was asked about the charges during a storm briefing in New York City.

“We’re in the political silly season now, I’ve been here before,” Cuomo said. “We’re in a democracy, anybody can run, anybody can say whatever they want to say.”

The governor said he was not paying much attention to Nixon and her campaign.

“Today is about addressing the storm,” said Cuomo. “This week is about getting the state budget done, which is one of the most serious budgets we’ve had to deal with.”

Cuomo then criticized New York City, which is run by Nixon ally Mayor Bill de Blasio, for not doing enough to fix the failing city subway system.

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