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Dave Hause On World Cafe

Feb 28, 2017

Dave Hause comes from the place where punk and classic rock collide. On his new album, Bury Me In Philly, he's found the sweet spot between his hardcore background and his innate love of Led Zeppelin and the Stones.

Hause may live in California now, but he grew up listening to World Cafe while hanging drywall in Philadelphia. One of his first musical experiences as a kid was seeing The Hooters in concert, so he says it was quite meaningful when the band's Eric Bazilian wanted to produce Bury Me In Philly. The album is "about moving West," Hause says. "It's about falling in love and taking a chance again, even when you start to get on the wrong end of your 30s and you could end up that cynical jaded person — and I'm fighting my hardest not to be that." Hear the complete session in the player above and check out a performance video below.

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