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Mac DeMarco On World Cafe

May 24, 2017

Mac DeMarco is just turning 27, but his new album, This Old Dog, seems to represent a more mature persona than he's projected in the past. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, DeMarco has always been known for bringing the party — and then taking it over the top. But when his father (with whom he's had a difficult relationship for most of his life) became ill, DeMarco wrote the more sober "My Old Man" for him, thinking he was not going to recover.

"I wrote these songs 'cause I felt like I had to do it," DeMarco says. "I'm not trying to crucify this man — more of me just trying to rationalize or quantify what the idea of a relationship between two people in that circumstance should mean ... if anything."

We'll hear the story of how his dad recovered and discuss the ways DeMarco's made himself accessible to his fans, including inviting them over for coffee. So pour yourself a cup, and join us for this session in the player above.

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