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City and Town Seek Feedback on Geneva Active Transportation Plan

May 8, 2017

The City and the Town of Geneva are seeking comments from the public on a draft Active Transportation Plan. The draft is the result of several years work by a committee made up of  stakeholders from the City and the Town. State grant money was available to study ways to promote walking and bicycling in Geneva including infrastructure improvements.


The process in developing the Geneva Active Transportation Plan included a professional evaluation of current infrastructure, especially as regards bicyclists and pedestrians. The committee also reached out to residents through public information sessions and surveys.

Artist's rendering of the lakefront tunnel

Over 273 pages, the Geneva Active Transportation Plan identifies and prioritizes a wide variety of actions and improvements to promote walking and bicycling in Geneva. The tunnel running under 5 & 20 and leading to the lakefront on the south side of the City receives attention. It was also been identified as a recommended area for improvement under the City’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative proposal.

The ultimate goal is to put the study and citizen feedback into action. That will require further funding and part of the purpose of the plan is to facilitate those dollars.


The Geneva Active Transportation Plan draft is available on both the City of Geneva and the Town of Geneva websites. Individuals are invited to submit their comments on the plan by May 19th.